Back to life, back to reality

So following my final chemo session on 21st March I was finally able to return to work just over a month later in May. They usually recommend a 3 month recovery but thanks to kinder drugs and treatment and with my determination I was able to get back in a 3rd of the time. I am so happy to live a normal life.

Luckily my employers are amazing and have supported me right through and continue to do so.

I was a little anxious about returning, "will I remember anything" "what if I end up ill from overworking" "what's my password? I haven't typed that in for over 7 months 🤔" 

The best thing to remember is that these thoughts are normal, people experience this if they've been on holiday for 2 weeks so there is no point in working yourself up.

I've learnt to listen to my body and what it needs now and I think that every person who has had chemo can back me on that one, if you need to sleep then sleep, if you need to walk for 10 minutes then do that. Okay so I may have not needed that dairy milk bar,family sized bag of doritos, blueberry muffin and Strawberry milkshake but baby steps. Baby steps.


Sun sun sun 🏖

It was a tough one.

I don't know how, and I don't know why but Lewis is still with me. He was also kind enough to take me on holiday as a well done/you had a tough time. 

1 week of sun, sea and Greek food is enough to make anyone forget about the big C.

Myself, Lewis and 6 of our friends headed off to Vasilikos in Zakynthos and had the time of our lives. We weren't in the party area but I'm glad because we would have been the oldest ones there. Laganas is worse than Oceana on a Friday night. The area and hotel we were staying at were beautiful.

I wore factor 50 the entire time I was there (as advised by a dr) but also, I don't want to look like a leather handbag when in 50 for the sake of having a deeper tan in my 20's. I did tan, but it was more of a golden glow rather than a bronzed body builder look.

We scrub up well


I did not look like this after the water sports 😂

Stunning view from our room