The begining

J Please forgive me if you think this front page isn't so good but I accidently deleted the whole thing! Tech-phobia!  I am writing this with the urge to punch myself in the face so excuse the lack of excitement.

I was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma Cancer back on the 26th September 2016 - yes I remember the date, it isn't one you forget.

I remember what I was wearing, I remember what the Dr who told me news was wearing, I remember how upset he looked, I remember the words "we have found a large mass on your right lung" and I remember thinking "yeahhh duhhhh that's the reason I've been in hospital for a few days, how serious is this suspected pneumonia?" I clearly didn't have a clue about Cancer before this.

Then as soon as the word Cancer was mentioned it really was like a scene from a film, everything was a blur, you go into this strange trance and start to think about all the things you should or shouldn't have done. You start planning your funeral. You start to think about your family- I don't want to drag them through this. I should have really pushed the Dr's then maybe this would have been found earlier. How on earth do I explain this to my new boss? 

I remember looking out of the window afterwards and seeing the world carrying on but for me on the other side of the pane, my world had stopped.

With this meeting being such early days (pre biopsy) we understandably didn't have much information. I thought I had lung cancer - how? I don't smoke, don't do drugs, I relatively healthy.

Why me?

Cancer has no boundaries.

However, Cancer hunny, you picked the wrong person to mess with, let's have you then!

Contact me

 If you are in the same boat and fancy talking to somebody feel free to leave a comment on here or try to message me on facebook - Elise Stapleton.

I don't bite. I totally understand that sometimes you want to talk to someone who's going/gone through the same thing.